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Surprising information

I went to a meeting tonight and found out some information that is very surprising…

I recently have become friends with this couple and we try to hang around people who are accepting of everyone as we want to be accepted being gay women with a child.  T of this couple is very accepting and an advocate for equality of all types and even joined a PFLAG meeting because he wanted to know more about people who are GLBT.  I asked him at one time who he knew so that he felt he wanted to go to this meeting and joined the group and I was so impressed with his answer “I go because I know the two of you”.  I certainly was not expecting to hear the surprising information I heard tonight…

Apparently, he was not always like that.  He would tell jokes about every color and orientation you could imagine and his wife told him she was quite embarrassed of him to hear him talk like he did.  He then heard about the group that J was a part of, the Open and Affirming committee, and when T met some of the people, things changed for him.

He realized that all people deserve to be respected no matter their race, ethnicity, hair color or sexual orientation.  Who says people can’t change??

I need to chill

I need to chill and realize I can’t change things that happen sometimes.  I need to realize that there are things I can’t change.  If I can’t change it, sometimes, I need to accept it. I can’t run away from it.  If I fight it, I will just make it worse.  I want it to be better, I need to move on, keep focused on the present and know there is a future. I need to try to focus on the positive.  What is the alternative?  Be miserable.  I need to try to work as a team, to function with who we have to work with instead of trying to make the situation worse.  I will miss how it was but when things can not be the same and can’t go back I need to find a way to deal with it.  They are worried about me and frankly so am I.  I want to be able to control the situation especially since I know it will hurt others.  But how do you deal with it when you are forced to?

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