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Chocolate or Vanilla?

Well, it all depends… 

 My favorite is vanilla soft serve with the crunch coat/peanut brittle coating.  I will eat chocolate when it is the only thing available or when it is “that time” of the month. I love crunchy chocolate on top of vanilla.. oohh.

Chocolate candy, heath bars, m&ms, reese’s pnut butter cups with chocolate on top, wonderful hot fudge sundae with of course vanilla ice cream.  I will eat little dark chocolate candies all day long.

I would like to think I am not as boring or plain as vanilla but I don’t think I am as exciting as chocolate. If you go chocolate, do you ever go back?

So, what do you think? Am I chocolate or vanilla?

I love “us”

It is so interesting how relationships work…

I went to Shaws tonight to get a loaf of italian bread and there was a section dedicated to Valentine’s day being that is the day it is…. that little corner was packed with men standing around trying to find the right perfect gift.  Interesting how they wait so  long! They probably are all coming home from work, realizing that they didn’t get anything for their girlfriend/wife and then they run to Shaws to get something.  Shaws? Really?  Of course there was everything one would need there, flowers, balloons, chocolate. It really was quite comical this scene of desperate men trying to get a gift that doesn’t look like it is last minute from Shaws.

I like the commercial that talks about Valentine’s day that says “Valentine’s day is not about saying ‘I love you’, it is about saying ‘I love us'”. It is a great way to think about the day. Not just about a person but how they fit in your”us”.

Tell the person you love how much you love your “us”, it doesn’t have to be expensive, and can even be from Shaws, just say it!

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