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I need to chill

I need to chill and realize I can’t change things that happen sometimes.  I need to realize that there are things I can’t change.  If I can’t change it, sometimes, I need to accept it. I can’t run away from it.  If I fight it, I will just make it worse.  I want it to be better, I need to move on, keep focused on the present and know there is a future. I need to try to focus on the positive.  What is the alternative?  Be miserable.  I need to try to work as a team, to function with who we have to work with instead of trying to make the situation worse.  I will miss how it was but when things can not be the same and can’t go back I need to find a way to deal with it.  They are worried about me and frankly so am I.  I want to be able to control the situation especially since I know it will hurt others.  But how do you deal with it when you are forced to?

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