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Surprising information

I went to a meeting tonight and found out some information that is very surprising…

I recently have become friends with this couple and we try to hang around people who are accepting of everyone as we want to be accepted being gay women with a child.  T of this couple is very accepting and an advocate for equality of all types and even joined a PFLAG meeting because he wanted to know more about people who are GLBT.  I asked him at one time who he knew so that he felt he wanted to go to this meeting and joined the group and I was so impressed with his answer “I go because I know the two of you”.  I certainly was not expecting to hear the surprising information I heard tonight…

Apparently, he was not always like that.  He would tell jokes about every color and orientation you could imagine and his wife told him she was quite embarrassed of him to hear him talk like he did.  He then heard about the group that J was a part of, the Open and Affirming committee, and when T met some of the people, things changed for him.

He realized that all people deserve to be respected no matter their race, ethnicity, hair color or sexual orientation.  Who says people can’t change??

Grumpy old Neighbors

We are moving to a new house… yes we finally found a house to buy.  I have not talked about the process much on here because sometimes talking about it makes it just linger in my mind instead of being free of it.

Ok, so we went to the house for the home inspection and the neighbor was home and one of us parked in front of his front yard and went inside the house.  A few moments later, we look out the window to find that the neighbor had parked very close on either side of our car with both of his cars so as to keep us from being able to get out.

D went out and he immediately said that it was very rude of us to park in front of his yard… it is a public road… and we were blocking the way of the post man to bring the mail… now that he had moved his cars HE was in front of the mailbox now and blocking the entrance to it…and he said that it was quite rude of us to park there.  There were many people at the house for the home inspection.  There are not many places to park other than being in front of his front yard.  D said “I’m very sorry sir, but if you would kindly move your cars, I will move mine out of the way… oh and by the way, nice to meet you, I am moving in next door!”

We have joked about buying pink flamingos or something even more obnoxious and putting right on the line of our properties facing him but I know that will really put us at odds.

Just wait until he finds out we are a same sex couple and we are planning on having lots of parties there, and there will be lots of cars!!  I’m planning on making him a batch of cookies when we move in to try to smooth out the edges but I don’t know if that grumpy old man will be even get a little less grumpy with cookies!


I haven’t written at all in September.  It is not that I don’t get the topics and I have plenty to write about.  Afterall, who in the northeast doesn’t have something to say about the Hurricane, or rather, Tropical Storm Irene?  We were out of power for 3 days and we had to use flashlights and candles to get around our house.  We would come home from work and leave again to go to a place that had power, and lights and ability to cook food.  We ate out way too much.  We did have an idea to bring some food to a friend’s house and some food to my work fridge and freezer to save some of it since we just went shopping before the storm.

We tried to make it an adventure for A who is 5 and got to carry around a flashlight throughout the house but with no TV or ability to read or play in her room, it was a hard 36 hours.  The first day, I worked on my cross stitch project nearly the whole day while the storm was blowing hard around us.  We watch through the window and played with A’s preschool books but the day went by quite slowly.  It is a good thing we had a battery operated radio to have some music and news about the storm  or I’m sure we would have gone stir crazy much earlier than we did.

Poor A was so terrified of the pitch black dark that she screamed the first night wondering why she didn’t even see street lights outside or her nightlight from the night stand. The second night we put her in our bed while she was still sleeping and she didn’t know what was going on until she felt another body next to her and and she asked what was going on.

I feel sorry for people named Irene as I’m sure, like Katrina, the name brings back bad memories of a bad storm.

Lights are all back on for almost everyone and there was not many injuries during the storm or for the days in the dark afterwards.

The power of nature is amazing…

Seems sort of sleazy

I guess I need some help with posting because I have missed several weeks in a row but man so much has happened.

Clam Festival in Yarmouth Maine was fun but was very hot. Felt very bad we were unable to stay and allow Alex to see the fireman’s muster.  She would have loved that but it was getting very hot and we needed to eat but the previous day we ate there and spent way too much money.  Understood the money goes to the school organizations but way too much money for a small pint of fried clam strips!

Looking at (what seems like) a million house in the Attleboro, MA area.  We have tried to offer on a few houses and it seems like every time we do and we think we might finally be the proud owners of a house… something BIG shows up.

For example, the last one, we made an offer, even got assistance from family in order to make a larger offer on this home and on the last call from the listing agent, she informed us of a “betterment” on the property.  Yes, we saw that word on the listing sheet, even Googled it and just found that it meant there was an improvement on the property.  I asked her what that meant.  She said there is a betterment that will be assumed by the new buyers of this home.  She said they had gotten their house connected to the town sewer and it cost them a big price which now has $67,000 left that the buyer needs to have added to their taxes.  What?  Sixty Seven Thousand Dollars??? We found out that is and extra $300+ per month added to our mortgage.  No wonder they wanted more money than what it was listed for!  The killer is that the listing agent led us down this road to this point, and THEN springs this on us.  She didn’t put it on the seller’s disclosure and was leaving it out for some reason.  I really hope the next person knows enough to ask what a “betterment” is.

90 Years

90 years…

Can you imagine what you might know, do, hear or say in 90 years?  What technology you would see come and go? What you could do in your life?  My grandmother just turned 90 this month and she is still working her little garden and tending to her flowers and her family and she is a wonderful role model to the rest of the family.  she is kind and caring to everyone she comes in contact with.  I hope when I am her age, nothing bothers me and I am still going just like her.  I hope my family is close to my heart and close geographically would be nice too.

Amazing life she has lived


I’m stressed: I need to be at a certain place at a certain time and I have to wait for a shuttle to take me to my car and then I have to wait in traffic to go 15 miles and then I need to wait… well as I was standing there waiting, I decided not to wait anymore and walked to the car and then decided to ask for help… even though asking was the smartest thing and it was easy, sometimes I wonder if it will work out the way I want… self-consciousness does it again… stubborn independence too makes things harder!

You can’t always trust who you think you can

The post suggestion today was: what is the smartest thing you heard this week?

While this is not exactly the words I heard, it is what I got out of the situation this week.

So, who can you trust? Usually you can trust your parents, your teachers, pastors and friends. (Yes, I’m sure everyone could come up with instances where this is not true.. which is why I said “usually”)

What about your employer? You can trust that when they say you have a job that when you show up, you won’t be turned away and that you will get paid for doing your work, but what else? Can you trust that they will allow for your work environment will be healthy and when it isn’t continuously(and you say something) that it will be taken care of?

In certain places of business, they insist you take trainings to learn how to not be in a hostile work environment and how to report it. Does it work?  You would trust that it does… until it happens.

Trust is a fragile thing and sometimes fleeting. You try it but then it gets broken no matter how many times you try.  How do you know who to trust? What about that person who you just met? They seem to have the same goals, values and hobbies you do, they seem to be trustworthy, until they aren’t!

Most stressful…

Moving is the most stressful event in a person’s life…. buying a house has got to be right up there!

I need to chill

I need to chill and realize I can’t change things that happen sometimes.  I need to realize that there are things I can’t change.  If I can’t change it, sometimes, I need to accept it. I can’t run away from it.  If I fight it, I will just make it worse.  I want it to be better, I need to move on, keep focused on the present and know there is a future. I need to try to focus on the positive.  What is the alternative?  Be miserable.  I need to try to work as a team, to function with who we have to work with instead of trying to make the situation worse.  I will miss how it was but when things can not be the same and can’t go back I need to find a way to deal with it.  They are worried about me and frankly so am I.  I want to be able to control the situation especially since I know it will hurt others.  But how do you deal with it when you are forced to?

If I don’t write again…

So… tomorrow… May 21, 2011… many people say it is the day that Jesus comes back.  Really?  The bible says “Watch therefore, for you know neither the day nor the hour wherein the Son of
man comes” (Matt. 25:13).  So since everyone is worried about, thinking about it and wondering what to do probably means he isn’t coming tomorrow.

Then… I am confused, some say all the good ones are the ones leaving and the 97% who are left are not are going to hell?  What about how I also heard it was the other way around and it was the good people who are staying here?  AND where did they get that 97% from?  There are so many churches, religions, individual people who believe in God (in what ever religion you believe in) how can they say it will be 97% one way or the other?  That is definitely a man-made number and probably a man-made date.

Will we all be here on May 22, 2011 and on?  Let’s check and see.  If I don’t write again, you will know that I went. Hope to see you on the other side!

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