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Late and Left

I was embarrassed and distressed today when I tried to go to the memorial service for the friend I mentioned on a previous post and the church was so packed I couldn’t get a parking spot to go in.  I drove in one section of the parking lot and drove through several sections of cars and found a place that was an area that looked like I could fit in and other cars had done worse trying to fit in in other areas and then after I turned off the car and got out, some guy rushed over to me and said I could not park there.  I said I would be quick and just wanted to drop off the card and he said I could not park there and needed to have clear access for cars to get out and yet I was clearly not in the way of anyone trying to get out.  (Not like anyone was going anywhere quickly).  I asked him where I was supposed to park and he said that people were parking on the side streets.  I would have had to walk on the very busy road with no side-walk in order to get back to the church.  I asked him to just bring my card in as I would not be staying. He stood there waiting for me to leave the space and the lot.  I drove out and left and didn’t look back.  I was humiliated.  I almost thought I should not have bothered to try to even go. Yeah I was late but I didn’t really know him all that well.  I just thought I would be able to pay respects.  Dee Belt RIP and sorry I didn’t make it to the service today. You and your family are in my prayers.

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