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What would you tell yourself 10 yrs ago?

When you feel uncomfortable, be honest about how you feel.  Think about what will make you happy.  Don’t worry about how you will get there or about the money.  Money doesn’t buy happiness, ever.  The Santa Fe doesn’t matter, it is only a car.  Working from a home doesn’t matter, you aren’t making any money anyway and you have to ask to just get a coffee. The house? Not yours, won’t ever be and don’t get the money out of your 401k. You will never get it back and you won’t be forgiven for what happened for the money, even if you are made to think so.  Money can’t buy people even friends, all the time.  Don’t make the mistake and if it is too late, don’t hurt yourself to try to make it better, you are worth more than that no matter what you do. 

It is hard to believe but in 10 years you will be married to a wonderful person and you will have a 5 year old child and will have a happy life.  Yes, you will get to name her Alexandra and she will be beautiful and smart and quite the individual.  No, you won’t have a lot of money and sometimes will struggle, but things are sometimes worth more when you struggle for them.  I don’t know if you will have a house, that struggle will be one we both will have to wait to see.

The room in the castle

Close your eyes. Count to ten. Then imagine a beautiful ancient castle (tastefully remodeled to include central heating, kick-ass wi-fi and ready laptops everywhere). Now walk down the endless main hall, a hall filled with amazing rooms of wonder. Go into the 2nd room on the right. What’s inside?

My mom waiting for me sitting there reading by her balcony with an ocean view with the glass doors open to feel the ocean spray and smell the ocean breeze and to gather all the warmth from the summer air.

She is in this room to tell me everything will be alright, that everything I am doing is for the right reasons and I am in the right place, right where God wants me to be in my life. She says that she misses me and wishes time didn’t go so fast when she was on this earth. She also reminds me to tell people you care about them every time you get the chance and not to worry about what other people think of you.  They have their own issues and failed dreams in their life.  They might be jealous of you in yours.  Also, she tells me not to worry about Alex and about the things that are happening now, she is just going through growing pains and it is time for her to move to the next step in her life.  She will be ok and will be a wonder to others around her.

Tears fill me as she speaks to me as I don’t live a day without missing my mother’s voice or advice.  She tells me she is glad I am happy now and to cherish every moment and to not let anyone steal that away for a moment.

I don’t know where this came from, I must have been thinking about my mom tonight when I saw the blog post idea.  I just closed my eyes and went to the castle and started writing, I didn’t know what was going to be there.

RIP mom, I love you, can’t wait to see you again.

What is the LARGEST thing?

I am changing this topic up a bit… It was “What is the smallest thing”?  Well, I immediately thought about the largest thing in my life rather than the smallest.  Well, I did think about what the question actually meant… did they mean smallest thing like small item or small event, or small idea or small issue?  I’m sure it could have been any of them but the biggest thing that I am passionate about right now is EQUALITY.

It really is the same as LOVE .  There is not a lot of LOVE in the world and when people want to love, people are against it.  They don’t like how people love or who they want to love.  Some even want to have the right to vote on some people’s rights to pursue that happiness of love.  What if you needed to ask the world, not just the family of that one person, but the world for their approval?  Sounds kind of silly doesn’t it?

It IS a civil right to be able to love and marry the person you want. What if YOU had to fight for that?

I love “us”

It is so interesting how relationships work…

I went to Shaws tonight to get a loaf of italian bread and there was a section dedicated to Valentine’s day being that is the day it is…. that little corner was packed with men standing around trying to find the right perfect gift.  Interesting how they wait so  long! They probably are all coming home from work, realizing that they didn’t get anything for their girlfriend/wife and then they run to Shaws to get something.  Shaws? Really?  Of course there was everything one would need there, flowers, balloons, chocolate. It really was quite comical this scene of desperate men trying to get a gift that doesn’t look like it is last minute from Shaws.

I like the commercial that talks about Valentine’s day that says “Valentine’s day is not about saying ‘I love you’, it is about saying ‘I love us'”. It is a great way to think about the day. Not just about a person but how they fit in your”us”.

Tell the person you love how much you love your “us”, it doesn’t have to be expensive, and can even be from Shaws, just say it!


Interesting word.  It means so different as we grow up.  When you are little, you don’t even acknowledge other kids your age, then you play next to each other but not together, then you play together but it is like a love-hate relationship.  You want to play but you want the other child to be somewhat of a puppet and not play with anything you want to play with in the next minute or half hour. As we get older, friends help us make it through high school and the cruelty. 

 Then as we grow older still, we look to others who have gone through similar things to vent, cry, laugh and commiserate with.  No other relationship is more important, more worthwhile, more cleansing, more freeing than friendship.  I know what you are thinking, you might be thinking that your spouse or partner should be all those things… well isn’t that what your spouse or partner is? Your best friend?

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