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It was a business decision(?)

It’s amazing how people can stab you in the back all the while they are saying they are trying to be your friend and ally.

There was a past post I wrote about someone who bumped into a position that works right next to me due to union rules.  The person who was bumped out did a wonderful job and we were, and still are, quite upset that she had to move. Now, this person, who bumped in, is looking to move to another job and I was told had an interview already.  Next week, she is supposed to have a second interview.  My boss discussed this with me because the day she is having the interview is on a clinic day.  Now my job and her job used to be one job and then they added patient registration and separated the jobs. My boss wanted to be sure that I was going to be at work that day so she told me of M’s plans.  Apparently, after M found out I knew she went to her supervisor and told her that my boss told me which created a large mess between the two supervisors.  I guess that was “confidential” information.  How was she supposed to know that?  Also, the politics and rules in this place are just so off. 

Why would she even say anything to her supervisor?  I’m sure she knew that it would cause a load of problems.  Now I am supposed to work with this person while she is getting ready to leave.  I am bitter to say the least.  My supervisor told me I should have never said I knew and now I need to pretend nothing happened? 

Before M told her supervisor she said to me that her bumping into this position was a “business decision”.  Was telling her supervisor and causing trouble also a “business decision”?  What could that possibly do for her except make her work life even more stressful?  Or at least everyone around her…

Ok she wants out. We all want her out too.  I was going to let it all go and just see how things go but now, I will only talk to her when it has something to do with work and when she talks to me, I will be walking out of the room, at least in my head.  

I hate this part about me. I hold grudges. I wish I was more forgiving and able to let things go.  Saying it out loud, or at least on paper makes me worried.  You know what they say about speaking something or praying about it?  The universe gives you more opportunities to practice the skill you are hoping for.  I really just want it to go away!

I just want to sob

I am so stressed right now. We are trying to buy a house. I am getting short with everyone. The inspection happened on Saturday. We sent the list of things we wanted fixed yesterday. The listing agent took all day to come back with an answer and it wasn’t totally what we wanted but it was close. I want to just lay in bed and sob. I want to isolate myself and run away. I am trying to get unstressed I really am. My stomach is feeling it too. I need this to just be over!!

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