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Bad Note from Teacher

Very sad day today.  A got her very first (I say first because I am not naive enough to think, this will be the only one) bad note from the teacher.

I opened an email from my child’s kindergarten teacher to find out that she has been making up stories and lying saying that she was told, by the teacher, she could go to the front of the line when that was not true. She also mentioned the hard time A has been having with sharing.  I see that at home also.  We disciplined her by not letting her watch TV for the rest of the night when that is her most favorite thing to do. I’m sure that isn’t enough but if it continues, there will be less and less TV.

I wondered what my parents used to do when I was found out for something I did. Well, I was the perfect child so I am a hard one to compare to.  In our days anyways, there was more wooden objects that disciplined rather than words and discussion with us. I decided a long time ago that there would be no physical discipline in our house.

We talked to her and she knows how much we love her and how important it is to be honest.  She seems to want to please us still so I am hoping that this bad behavior will end…. soon.


Interesting topic from Word Press…

I like bacon, well done please, needs to be crispy, not soggy.  I like it, mostly only at breakfast.  I don’t want to eat it any other time because of how much fat is in it… it is probably all fat!

My 5 yr old daughter likes bacon as well, when we make it at breakfast on the weekends she always wants to make bacon part of it.  It wasn’t always that way.  She first said she didn’t like it, that was until she tried it!  Getting her to eat bacon was actually the first time reverse psychology actually worked for us. I told her “I’m glad you don’t like bacon, more for me to eat!”  She immediately picked one up and ate it and then wanted more, the rest is history.

I do think that the saying “bringing home the bacon” is old and it should be retired although I do understand why it was used.  Bacon could be a metaphor for money and it could be that bacon used to be a less expensive meat in the past and it was something that could easily be brought home to make for dinner… (I don’t know about that though, I made it up…)

My name…

So I suppose now that I noticed other people also noticed that the “Talk or Text” topic was also the topic from Jan 4th, I suppose, I need to do the next topic, huh?  “How did you get your name?”

I’m not sure if it is true or not, but my mother used to watch soaps during the day and there was a charactor on her favorite show “Young and the Restless” (I think) who’s name was “Laurie Ann” and my name was

Another option was that my mom liked “Laurie” and it is a french-canadian spelling and my grandmother’s first name is “Ann”.

Not sure which one is the better of the two. 

Now, I will tell you how I named my daughter… A woman who was strong, confident, and did a job that would usually have been done by a man, but was still beautiful and her name was Alex.  It was a name that could and is both a male and female name, at least the nickname.  Alexandra or Alexander

Have you ever seen Flashdance?  That is where I got my daughter’s name.

Describe the town you grew up.

I grew up in a small town, Yarmouth, Maine. It is a nice little town that you could walk from one side to the other. It took a while yes, but you could walk it or ride your bike easily. I did it frequently when I was growing up. Walked to the park, or to my friend’s houses. I don’t live there now. In some ways I am glad but I really do miss a small town. Now I live in Massachusetts in a city that has 5 elementary schools, 3 middle schools, 1 public high school but at least one other private high school. My graduating class was 102! Here they say that the graduating classes are around 500! I feel like I am not giving enough to my daughter who is almost 5 and going to kindergarten in September :(. I sometimes wish we lived back there. I do remember the kids being cruel growing up and I’m sure it will be the same here but on an even larger scale which worries me for my little one. I have to try not to worry because she is doing well on her own now in preschool, making new friends and she is advanced in learning. I am so proud of her. She is so smart.
We do go back at least once a year for the Clam Festival, a large festival that brings thousands of people to the area each year. Yes, there are clams, lots of them and carnival rides and a huge craft area that has at least doubled in size since I lived there. There are several things that have changed as well. The 7-11 is now a laundry mat. the post office is now a bank. They also have created a middle school that wasn’t there before. It used to be nursery school at the little brick buildings, elementary school, intermediate school and high school. Now they have taken some of the grades and moved them. I do know of a couple people from high school that still live there but they are few and far between. It could be because their family still lives there. Mine has moved out of town, quite a while ago.

I do like small towns, they are a little more cozy and just about everyone knows everyone else. That was both good and bad when I was growing up but I think I liked going to the store and seeing someone I know there. It rarely happens where I live now. I am adding this song along with my post about a small town… enjoy!

Small Town by John Cougar Mellencamp

Emotional movies

We watched a movie “Over the Hedge” with our nearly 5 year old daughter tonight and for not the first time, we found that she is a very emotional child.  She is very caring about animals and people.  Recently, I have noticed when animals are in trouble on the screen, she cries.  She cares so much.  Maybe when she grows up she will be a vet or someone who takes care of animals.  She frequently ran back to my chair to climb on my lap because she was afraid that something bad was going to happen.  She is a strong willed little girl and I am so proud of her and I am so glad that she feels comfortable showing her emotions to us.

I personally get so involved in shows and movies that when there is trauma or something disturbing happens to someone, I often get teary but it is usually of the non-cartoon shows/movies with real people.

We don’t stifle her emotions but we do tell her that (at least) in the movies everything will be alright in the end.


Is she going on 5 or 25??

My daughter is getting so big.  Tonight, she came with me to a friend’s house and she fell down the bottom two stairs because the railing was broken.  She cried but she was fine, she was more scared than anything else.  I picked her up and we left shortly afterwards. 

Then when I was putting her in bed, I said “Sorry you fell down the stairs tonight, I didn’t now the railing was broken and I was behind you and could not keep you from falling.”  She said to me.  “Mommy, it is not your fault, you didn’t do anything wrong, it was the house’s fault.  I love you.”

OMG!  She is sounding so big sometimes!  She is turning 5 on May 1st but she sounds more like a grown up when she talks like this.  She is so amazing!  I love that BIG GIRL!

This picture is from the summer but it is a very grown up look, I thought would fit this post… 🙂

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