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2 for 1: Why did I start blogging and How long does it take me to blog?

Maybe some will consider this cheating but I saw two post ideas and I decided to combine them in one blog…

I started blogging because I sometimes just need to write.  I don’t know if it is journaling or like in a diary or just what it is. Writing to me is a  help for my mental health, get things off my chest, a creative outlet, someth

ing to show off my writing skills…  I used to write in journals and then when someone found them, things were used against me, but now writing is on my terms and yes others will see it but it is under my control.  I used to also write and was published in both the Boston Girl Guide and Options Newsmagazine

 Each was a different part of my life and I can totally see how my life  has changed between each writing period. (Click on the links to check them out) One was a creative writing and the other was more like journalism. 

When I write now, it is more personal because I again am in a different point in my life.  I have a writing journal but I have not been able to write in it.  I had great intentions when I bought it (doesn’t it always happen that way?), to sort of chronicle things that happened with our daughter and how she has been growing.  (of course, now I think I should do that on here…intentions…)  I like to think about different topics and think about what I would write about them.  It is like a hobby, something I like to do and a nice way to spend some time for myself.

How long does it take me to blog?  That ALL depends on the topic.  If I need to think about the topic, if there are distractions (like the tv is on or my daughter is wanting me for something), if there is research I need to do.  Sometimes, it takes me a while to find a good picture to add.  This one is a quick one, ok, not so quick now, lunch got in the way and I took longer than I thought today. Today, right now, it has been an hour and I think that is a good estimate of how long it takes on a normal day.  I think there are times when it might take a shorter time and if there is just a statement I want to say, I will try to just post it on facebook or twitter instead of just writing a one sentence statement on a blog. A statement could turn into a whole blog if you write about what the statement means to you or what you think of it or if it has effected me.  See you next time…

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