As I see it…

Phridays 2012

I am trying a new idea – posting a new photo every Friday of something I am doing. I think it should be outside of work. I am thinking it might be of foliage in the yard, interesting or funny pictures that my daughter or dog does. I realized that the photos don’t go ON this page, this page just tells you that I am doing this thing on Fridays.  I am trying to figure out what kind of things to photograph.  I’m not the best at photography and I am unsure if I will keep it going.  I’m glad I didn’t take this on as something I do everyday, just once a week. Maybe it will get me to blog more on other days too.

I have put a reminder on my Android phone every Friday to take a picture to upload to my blog.  I sort of wish I could put an alarm at a random time instead of just one specific time. Oh well, I will try to take a photo of something different each Phriday!

Please leave comments. I am interested in what you have to say about my pictures! The comments will help me keep them going as well. Do you have any ideas?

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