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Blogging Buddies

I think wordpress has really done a great thing to get people to blog more often… To ask others who are blogging to be your blog buddy.  I saw they were doing this cool challenge to blog once a day or week.  I decided to go for the post a week challenge to see how I did.  I am a very new blogger and I never thought anyone would be part of my blog.  I used to write a whole lot more in diaries several years ago and then my personal writings were used against me so I decided not writing would be a better idea than to be used. 

I write just about thoughts I have during the day or observations, things that happen to me or others in my personal life or work life.  There really is alot to say I have found.

Anyway, I am afraid most times I blog to push that publish button.  AND often I end up editing it because of how I perceive it looks to others.  I am always thinking of what everyone else thinks in everything I do.  Blogging, working, my personal life, how I eat, where I stand, what ever I do, I wonder how that guy or girl over there thinks of me…

Sooo, what do you think? Do you want to be my blogging buddy?

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