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Miss Trouble Maker


This little girl looks harmless and sweet but that is far from the truth. Lily is my first “child” and she was given to us at 8 weeks but she seemed like she considered me her parent. She wants to get out the door but from the beginning she has been an indoor cat. She has gotten herself into enough trouble staying inside so she doesnt need to go out.
Lily is the ninja cat as she has been called as she crawled into a part of the ceiling above the fridge and would only come out to the smell of canned cat food.
She is definitely a window cat and she gets so “out-of-sorts” when she can’t get in the windows because they are closed or blocked by an air conditioner.
Lily is very territorial- the whole house is her territory and if she wants to lay on the table she pushes everything off and looks over the edge at it on the floor.
This cat just looks at the dog and he looks away with his tail between his legs. She is clearly the queen of the house. She just tolerates the rest of us but she will always accept a good petting!

Look out your window…

Well I’m riding in the car and the most interesting thing was two chipmunks chasing each other and we are riding through a fairly posh neighborhood. Big houses. As I come through here, I wonder… What do they do to be able to afford those houses? Or then again heat them?

I just looked to the back seat and my little girl is sleeping… Poor little one… She was acting kind of crabby… LOL

How cute, we just stopped to support kids in this neighborhood by buying lemonade at their little stand.
Yes she woke up…

Well, this blog is random… But it is what I see out the window…

Now we are continuing to the mall to¬† buy her new summer shoes but they need to be closed toed for camp. Very hard to find those…

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