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Blogging Buddies

I think wordpress has really done a great thing to get people to blog more often… To ask others who are blogging to be your blog buddy.  I saw they were doing this cool challenge to blog once a day or week.  I decided to go for the post a week challenge to see how I did.  I am a very new blogger and I never thought anyone would be part of my blog.  I used to write a whole lot more in diaries several years ago and then my personal writings were used against me so I decided not writing would be a better idea than to be used. 

I write just about thoughts I have during the day or observations, things that happen to me or others in my personal life or work life.  There really is alot to say I have found.

Anyway, I am afraid most times I blog to push that publish button.  AND often I end up editing it because of how I perceive it looks to others.  I am always thinking of what everyone else thinks in everything I do.  Blogging, working, my personal life, how I eat, where I stand, what ever I do, I wonder how that guy or girl over there thinks of me…

Sooo, what do you think? Do you want to be my blogging buddy?


Comments on: "Blogging Buddies" (18)

  1. You bet! I’m there – I started out wanting to blog once a week but fell short of that. I am excited to have some help and encouragement! Drop me a line.


  2. Doesn’t it feel good though after you do hit that button? 🙂
    I know it did for me. I used to be scared but got over it because after I hit that button and finally said what I wanted to say it felt good. 🙂
    Keep on writing and don’t let anyone tell you to stop. If they don’t like it they don’t have to read it. These are your thoughts and words. Keep it up! 😉

  3. Lone Diamond said:

    Forget about your diary and whatever happened! Don’t be put off by people who put you down and remember to be yourself! Your blogs look good to me! Sometimes editing over and over can be what ruin’s a blog.
    Good luck and happy posting!

  4. artemislexea said:

    Hi there! I’d be interested in being your blog buddy =) So what do you say, buddies?


  5. I found your blog through that same wordpress post. I just write about whatever comes to mind and seem to censor myself a lot. I work hard at not including others in my posts so I don’t offend others. I’ve also decided on the post a week option. I would like to be blog buddies if you’re interested.


  6. i really like the way your blog looks! and i would love to be your blogging buddy, if you still have openings…

  7. I’ll gladly be your blogging buddy! I found you from mylifedepressed’s blog.

    I’m at a point in my life where I care very little of how others perceive me. Of course it didn’t come overnight! My best friend & I read an article in a magazine when I was in high school that basically said, “you should always think you are THE most beautiful person in the world.” Once I started truly thinking that (not in a conceited way, mind you), my confidence grew to the point where I am now.

    Good luck in your weekly blogging!

    • This is a great way to think! Hmmm wish I could do the same. Maybe my thought could be: “My blogs are the best ones out of all the rest and everyone wants to read them” I don’t know!

  8. Hi, looks good to me, I’m new to this malarkey as well, so if you’re still looking fora buddy…

  9. Nice work! So good to see other bloggers having the same ‘struggle’ about blogging as I have. I am not worried or stressed anymore about my 1 blog / week committment! 🙂

  10. Okay, so how does one become part of a blogging community? Not that I should add more to my life…

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