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Weekly writing challenge: From Mundane to Meaningful – Waiting

Weekly Writing Challenge: From Mundane to Meaningful

I copied the title to see if I can make the blog as cool as the title.

My blogs seem to be quite mundane, I recently looked at my blogs and there seems to be a lot of complaining. I don’t like to complain but that is what seems to be on my mind lately.

I think I do complain about things that are meaningful in one’s life, family, jobs, purpose in life. Today I am not going to complain.

I am waiting this morning.

The waiting

It is a warm morning on the way to being a day hot in the 90’s. I am waiting until my favorite eyebrow threading placeopens up as I am looking a little like a chick with a unibrow. I brought my coffee outside and see all the things in my yard that need to be done. The lawn needs to be mowed. I remember one of the first times my father let me mow the lawn on the riding mower. I

This is not me

thought it was the coolest thing since the frisbee and I never realized that to him, I was doing his chore and it was a way he could get out of doing it.  He hated mowing the lawn. I know why because we had 3/4 of an acre in our whole lot and a pool. The pool seemed like a whole lot more work than our pool we have in the yard. BTW, I need to pick up that iced coffee cup from Dunkin Donuts I left on the patio yesterday.

Our dog is a mix breed dog that is hyper like a Jack Russell Terrier (but he isn’t one), and he doesn’t usually sit still. Today when I came out with the laptop, he is laying on the patio next to me listening to all the noises back here. I can’t believe how many birds and other animals you can hear. He jumps at nearly every one. At least he doesn’t run and hide like he does when the fireworks go off.

It is a regular jungle.  I definitely feel like I live with nature. (It might be the weeds growing in the yard that are nearly a foot.)

Back to the waiting… Maybe I am waiting for the sunflowers to bloom…

My lone Sunflower

I don’t get much time to sit by myself. I would like to make this a regular occurrence so I can come and write. What am I waiting for? An exciting event or day? I just need to learn how to write about it to make it exciting!

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