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Today’s blog suggestion was to pick something that annoys you and describe how you would fix it:

I am annoyed by how long it takes in the Emergency room!

You go in, there are two people sitting in the waiting room and yet it still takes you 4-6 hours to even be seen!  Are there even doctors in there?  They say that there are more important trauma patients in there but when you get in (finally) to be seen, you barely see anyone in there.  What are doctors doing in there?  The front desk staff is just hanging around and it doesn’t seem like anything is being done to see me.  Feels like they are just waiting around for the next ambulance to come around the corner.

How would I fix it?  I would do the triage and have the doctors see the patients in the waiting room and then when the trauma patients come in, they can go see those patients.  A resident can finish the rest of the first patient’s exam or issue.  It just does not seem like an effective system.

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