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So I suppose now that I noticed other people also noticed that the “Talk or Text” topic was also the topic from Jan 4th, I suppose, I need to do the next topic, huh?  “How did you get your name?”

I’m not sure if it is true or not, but my mother used to watch soaps during the day and there was a charactor on her favorite show “Young and the Restless” (I think) who’s name was “Laurie Ann” and my name was

Another option was that my mom liked “Laurie” and it is a french-canadian spelling and my grandmother’s first name is “Ann”.

Not sure which one is the better of the two. 

Now, I will tell you how I named my daughter… A woman who was strong, confident, and did a job that would usually have been done by a man, but was still beautiful and her name was Alex.  It was a name that could and is both a male and female name, at least the nickname.  Alexandra or Alexander

Have you ever seen Flashdance?  That is where I got my daughter’s name.

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