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You can’t always trust who you think you can

The post suggestion today was: what is the smartest thing you heard this week?

While this is not exactly the words I heard, it is what I got out of the situation this week.

So, who can you trust? Usually you can trust your parents, your teachers, pastors and friends. (Yes, I’m sure everyone could come up with instances where this is not true.. which is why I said “usually”)

What about your employer? You can trust that when they say you have a job that when you show up, you won’t be turned away and that you will get paid for doing your work, but what else? Can you trust that they will allow for your work environment will be healthy and when it isn’t continuously(and you say something) that it will be taken care of?

In certain places of business, they insist you take trainings to learn how to not be in a hostile work environment and how to report it. Does it work?  You would trust that it does… until it happens.

Trust is a fragile thing and sometimes fleeting. You try it but then it gets broken no matter how many times you try.  How do you know who to trust? What about that person who you just met? They seem to have the same goals, values and hobbies you do, they seem to be trustworthy, until they aren’t!

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