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What can’t you throw away?

Baby clothes (well actually clothes from every season for her entire life) from my daughter…  the obvious extension to this question would be… why not?

We have been going around in circles for months, well years really as to whether or not we will have another child.  We keep the clothes hoping that if we do have another child, it would be a girl.  I guess if it was a boy, we would be SOL and have to start all over but we wanted to try to have a head start. 

Now our daughter is nearly 5 (she will be on May 1st) and we have not yet started trying for another one.  There really is many pros and cons to it.  I think the cons have won though and it is mostly about money.  From daycare to after school programs to “will we really be able to pay for college for 1 nevermind 2?”  How does one decide?  We want to have a house and want to do so many things and it all revolves around money, every bit of it.  At the moment, we can’t make more money from where we are, in order to do that, we have to get different jobs that make more money but it costs money to go back to school. More money issues…(ok that was an unplanned tangent)

We have attempted to go through the clothes, and each time, we put some aside thinking we could give them away to this child or that charity but each bag we look and cry over this pretty little dress or that cute pair of shoes that are so small now… oh and don’t forget about the purple little dress that we took her home from the hospital in. Can’t throw that away! Then the clothes go back in the bag and we stuff it back into the closet in her room and slam the door shut tight and walk about til the next time we think about cleaning it out. 

I know it will need to be done, but it is just so hard to think about the memories of our little little girl and know that she won’t be little like that again and won’t fit into any of those clothes again.

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