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Fall is here


Fall is definitely here. I was worried when we got these trees from Walmart that they would not grow and thrive. We planted them before fall started and watered them faithfully and it rained and i did see little buds but you never know. Now I can say I’m not worried that this tree will not live a long full shade giving and oxygen producing life. We have been trying to work on the yard to help the ecosystem of the neighborhood when other neighbors are cutting down trees, we are trying to lessen our carbon footprint by planting and using a rain barrel. I really like our house and all the things we can do to make it our little piece of earth. Our little piece of mind…

The artist


Ok, so I am taking after D when I didn’t read about Pages on WordPress before I created one.  (she never reads directions, always just tries to do things on her own.) I thought when you create a page, you post things on that page. I thought I actually read that from the woman on wordpress when I was reading Blogging 101 – Part 1.  I must not have been paying attention because she was actually talking about created a new Category instead – which you can learn about Here.

Moral of the story?  Read the directions completely before trying to do it.

Now that I told you the background of this photo… This is my A in her artist smock, getting ready to work on the banner with her Girl Scout troop that they will be holding while they march in the parade for Memorial Day.

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