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I wrote for the 7 days in the challenge because I said I would do that. After that, I sort of turned off any creativity to write. I am doing another “resolution”. 365 miles in 365 days and while I know I am only on day 4 in this resolution, I have been doing it. I am saying this outloud to the WordPress community because I am afraid I am going to just quit, like many things that I start. I go for a little while and then I find something more important or exciting or I just get too busy and then I stop. I guess I need some accountability not only by the people in my house. I didn’t go very long with the blogging last year, I’m not going to promise anything for this year, I’m going to try to write as often as possible.

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  1. Ok that resolution didn’t work. Do people stick with them really? I think a decision needs to be made in more that just a statement just because it is the start of a new year and the goal needs to have some sort of incentive. This resolution in 2013 to write everyday didn’t quite have an incentive strong enough to continue past a couple days.

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