As I see it…

Day 8: 2013 the beginning

Ok, so this was supposed to be sent yesterday, but… I am changing it so it can be sent today…
It is the start of the new year and we lose 2012 but gain a new year with new experiences to come, good and bad. Thinking about the year, we all got a little older and maybe a little wiser. The country has come a long way in equality from re electing the first African American president to several states voting in same sex marriage equality. The country is even hearing cases that go against DOMA. It may mean same sex marriages could become legal federally which will save those families money. Then again, Who knows what will happen with taxes.
So for me, what changed? I really don’t think much did. We spent the first year in our house and we lived through A graduating kindergarten and getting into first grade. We went through the hottest July on record here and spent most of it in the pool! Work is the same, always lots of drama with staff positions and personalities but that is the same as usual. I still have not been able to move my position up as my supervisor has tried to do for years. We were named after a real rich board member of the company and then just a couple weeks later, budget cuts almost cost the loss of our child life extroidonairre.
We are going back to eating more healthy and tracking our food and exercise on “myfitnesspal” and we are part of a challenge to walker run a mile a day for everyday this year. I’m hoping we can keep it up. I want to show A just how healthy we can be as a family. We went to the mall today and walked around each level and walked at least a mile.
I am hoping to get A to spend less time in front of the tv. Lets see how that works

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