As I see it…

We try our best to raise our child to be grateful and polite and try to do things with her to make her a happy child. Maybe we give her too much. ? We took her to Disney on Ice tonight and she said she was mad at us because we wouldn’t buy her a souvenir that was way too expensive. We tried to explain to her that money doesn’t grow on trees… She seemed to ignore us and then later apologized for having an attitude in the car.
Later, when I put her to bed she was sweet and we talked about the show again…
Other times, she sings little songs “you are the best mommy in the world”, and she writes me notes to bring to work that say “I love you”. She is a wonderful child and maybe being grateful is a learned trait that doesn’t “grow on trees”.
Maybe if we work on it with her, she will become a truly grateful child.

I guess I answered my own question…

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