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Photo phriday


Summer… This was supposed to post yesterday for the “summer” photo idea… Let’s try again.

Summer is about pools and swimming and relaxing and fun with friends and family.

The artist


Ok, so I am taking after D when I didn’t read about Pages on WordPress before I created one.  (she never reads directions, always just tries to do things on her own.) I thought when you create a page, you post things on that page. I thought I actually read that from the woman on wordpress when I was reading Blogging 101 – Part 1.  I must not have been paying attention because she was actually talking about created a new Category instead – which you can learn about Here.

Moral of the story?  Read the directions completely before trying to do it.

Now that I told you the background of this photo… This is my A in her artist smock, getting ready to work on the banner with her Girl Scout troop that they will be holding while they march in the parade for Memorial Day.

It’s just a job

I need to find something better to write about than my job. It’s just a job afterall. I think about it all the time because it is what I spend most of my day doing. I actually just sort of fell into this position from a temp agency.  It was not my plan or my great desire to work in this department but it is how it happened and I made it my own, grew the position to a point where I should have a better title and a better pay for what I do.  I recently just found out that HR will not change the position, or move it up, to where it belongs.  It is clear that to the institution, it is just a job.  It is not about encouraging people to do their best or to grow with a position or to do more than what is required. They don’t care. I know that is harsh but it is true, they don’t care that someone puts their heart and soul into something every day they are here.  When you do something in your “job”, most people expect to at least be compensated for it. When you go above and beyond, it is nice to at least be thanked with more.  After you do above and beyond, continually to a point where it is sort of an expected part of your job, then it is sort of expected for you to get even more, right? 

Well, when you are a little person, in a little position, that doesn’t happen, at least not in the BIG institutions who only care about money and each person is considered a number or just the postion they fill, not what they have done for that position.

I have decided that I am not going to try to move the position any longer. A quote I heard from someone regarding this: “It is easier to deal with the devil you know than the devil you don’t know.”  It is like: “The grass is never greener on the other side.”  I have decided I will focus more on doing things outside of work than to push myself at work. I might take a class or do something else with my daughter.  I don’t know if this will help my satisfaction at work to be able to think about outside things but I certainly will try. 

ImageIt is just a job afterall.



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