As I see it…


Sitting out in the court yard today at lunch and I look over to the other side and about 50 feet away is a woman all dressed in black Muslim gown with everything but her eyes covered.  She is sitting there perfectly still facing me.  I’m not worried for my safety but rather, I wonder, what is she thinking?  Is she envious that I am sitting at the picnic table in regular clothes eating a regular simple lunch of a sandwich and yogurt?  Why is she just sitting there perfectly still? Is she meditating?  Is she hot in that garb? I wonder if she wishes she had a cell phone as she watches me write my blog… How did she even get in here? I think the gate is locked. 
Well, now she is walking around the court yard and I see she has a cell phone attached to her ear and she came over to my locked door and then looked at me to let her in…

Hmm.. definitely not the ending I expected…

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