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Seems sort of sleazy

I guess I need some help with posting because I have missed several weeks in a row but man so much has happened.

Clam Festival in Yarmouth Maine was fun but was very hot. Felt very bad we were unable to stay and allow Alex to see the fireman’s muster.  She would have loved that but it was getting very hot and we needed to eat but the previous day we ate there and spent way too much money.  Understood the money goes to the school organizations but way too much money for a small pint of fried clam strips!

Looking at (what seems like) a million house in the Attleboro, MA area.  We have tried to offer on a few houses and it seems like every time we do and we think we might finally be the proud owners of a house… something BIG shows up.

For example, the last one, we made an offer, even got assistance from family in order to make a larger offer on this home and on the last call from the listing agent, she informed us of a “betterment” on the property.  Yes, we saw that word on the listing sheet, even Googled it and just found that it meant there was an improvement on the property.  I asked her what that meant.  She said there is a betterment that will be assumed by the new buyers of this home.  She said they had gotten their house connected to the town sewer and it cost them a big price which now has $67,000 left that the buyer needs to have added to their taxes.  What?  Sixty Seven Thousand Dollars??? We found out that is and extra $300+ per month added to our mortgage.  No wonder they wanted more money than what it was listed for!  The killer is that the listing agent led us down this road to this point, and THEN springs this on us.  She didn’t put it on the seller’s disclosure and was leaving it out for some reason.  I really hope the next person knows enough to ask what a “betterment” is.

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