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90 Years

90 years…

Can you imagine what you might know, do, hear or say in 90 years?  What technology you would see come and go? What you could do in your life?  My grandmother just turned 90 this month and she is still working her little garden and tending to her flowers and her family and she is a wonderful role model to the rest of the family.  she is kind and caring to everyone she comes in contact with.  I hope when I am her age, nothing bothers me and I am still going just like her.  I hope my family is close to my heart and close geographically would be nice too.

Amazing life she has lived

Toast to my brother

Introduction, first grandchild, my grandma has always been an inspiration to me in everything she did and she taught me a lot growing up. Happy birthday Grammy!
Today, I would like to make a toast to someone else, my baby brother. I was told that I was very excited when he was born and would bring everyone who would come over to introduce them to him.  I was so proud to have a little brother then.  As he got older, he turned into an annoying sibling. Today, I am even more proud of the man he has become.
September 25, 2010 Russell was married to Miekka Reed in a small ceremony by a lake in Arkansas that I am honored I was able to be a part of.

Russ has changed a lot from that annoying little kid. He is actually fun to be around. He is determined and always does things 100% even though he has had so many jobs, as if he doesn’t know what he wants to do. From an electrician to Airforce to working with government computers and real estate and home inspection… phew, couldn’t pick one?

No matter the situation, he is confident and level headed and never seems to worry about anything. He is like many of us Sawyer’s that always seem to have little to say because when we do talk, it takes a lot of thought and internal planning.


I’m stressed: I need to be at a certain place at a certain time and I have to wait for a shuttle to take me to my car and then I have to wait in traffic to go 15 miles and then I need to wait… well as I was standing there waiting, I decided not to wait anymore and walked to the car and then decided to ask for help… even though asking was the smartest thing and it was easy, sometimes I wonder if it will work out the way I want… self-consciousness does it again… stubborn independence too makes things harder!

You can’t always trust who you think you can

The post suggestion today was: what is the smartest thing you heard this week?

While this is not exactly the words I heard, it is what I got out of the situation this week.

So, who can you trust? Usually you can trust your parents, your teachers, pastors and friends. (Yes, I’m sure everyone could come up with instances where this is not true.. which is why I said “usually”)

What about your employer? You can trust that when they say you have a job that when you show up, you won’t be turned away and that you will get paid for doing your work, but what else? Can you trust that they will allow for your work environment will be healthy and when it isn’t continuously(and you say something) that it will be taken care of?

In certain places of business, they insist you take trainings to learn how to not be in a hostile work environment and how to report it. Does it work?  You would trust that it does… until it happens.

Trust is a fragile thing and sometimes fleeting. You try it but then it gets broken no matter how many times you try.  How do you know who to trust? What about that person who you just met? They seem to have the same goals, values and hobbies you do, they seem to be trustworthy, until they aren’t!

Most stressful…

Moving is the most stressful event in a person’s life…. buying a house has got to be right up there!

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