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I like bacon, well done please, needs to be crispy, not soggy.  I like it, mostly only at breakfast.  I don’t want to eat it any other time because of how much fat is in it… it is probably all fat!

My 5 yr old daughter likes bacon as well, when we make it at breakfast on the weekends she always wants to make bacon part of it.  It wasn’t always that way.  She first said she didn’t like it, that was until she tried it!  Getting her to eat bacon was actually the first time reverse psychology actually worked for us. I told her “I’m glad you don’t like bacon, more for me to eat!”  She immediately picked one up and ate it and then wanted more, the rest is history.

I do think that the saying “bringing home the bacon” is old and it should be retired although I do understand why it was used.  Bacon could be a metaphor for money and it could be that bacon used to be a less expensive meat in the past and it was something that could easily be brought home to make for dinner… (I don’t know about that though, I made it up…)

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