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Oops, I missed a whole week of blogging since the beginning of the year.  Why?  Sometimes I have an idea but yet I don’t feel like I have enough to write about.  Is there anyone reading?  I used to write in a journal every day without fail when I was younger (later high school and college) and then I had a bad experience where someone read my writing that I didn’t really want to read it.  That person insisted and then used some of the things against me.  That was traumatic and it was a big step to even start this blog, thinking that people would actually read what I have to say.  I also sometimes think I won’t be able to get my thoughts out clear enough for people to want to read/subscribe or even to just scan what I have to say.  I used to be part of a writing group and I could write but then when it came time for me to read what I wrote, I would cry because I wasn’t sure what I had to say was good enough, even though the groups were about “training”.  I pride myself in editing other’s writing.  I pick up spelling and grammar errors in published work.  I often say I should have been an editor.  Anyone have a job for me? 

My blog is called “Laurie’s Ramblings” The things I feel I need to say.  Sometimes it comes out and sometimes it is stifled by my own voices in my head.  Yeah there are voices, we all do, don’t deny it.  This post was quite random and I hope it is still readable. Is there anyone out there?

What would you tell yourself 10 yrs ago?

When you feel uncomfortable, be honest about how you feel.  Think about what will make you happy.  Don’t worry about how you will get there or about the money.  Money doesn’t buy happiness, ever.  The Santa Fe doesn’t matter, it is only a car.  Working from a home doesn’t matter, you aren’t making any money anyway and you have to ask to just get a coffee. The house? Not yours, won’t ever be and don’t get the money out of your 401k. You will never get it back and you won’t be forgiven for what happened for the money, even if you are made to think so.  Money can’t buy people even friends, all the time.  Don’t make the mistake and if it is too late, don’t hurt yourself to try to make it better, you are worth more than that no matter what you do. 

It is hard to believe but in 10 years you will be married to a wonderful person and you will have a 5 year old child and will have a happy life.  Yes, you will get to name her Alexandra and she will be beautiful and smart and quite the individual.  No, you won’t have a lot of money and sometimes will struggle, but things are sometimes worth more when you struggle for them.  I don’t know if you will have a house, that struggle will be one we both will have to wait to see.


Interesting topic from Word Press…

I like bacon, well done please, needs to be crispy, not soggy.  I like it, mostly only at breakfast.  I don’t want to eat it any other time because of how much fat is in it… it is probably all fat!

My 5 yr old daughter likes bacon as well, when we make it at breakfast on the weekends she always wants to make bacon part of it.  It wasn’t always that way.  She first said she didn’t like it, that was until she tried it!  Getting her to eat bacon was actually the first time reverse psychology actually worked for us. I told her “I’m glad you don’t like bacon, more for me to eat!”  She immediately picked one up and ate it and then wanted more, the rest is history.

I do think that the saying “bringing home the bacon” is old and it should be retired although I do understand why it was used.  Bacon could be a metaphor for money and it could be that bacon used to be a less expensive meat in the past and it was something that could easily be brought home to make for dinner… (I don’t know about that though, I made it up…)


Today’s blog suggestion was to pick something that annoys you and describe how you would fix it:

I am annoyed by how long it takes in the Emergency room!

You go in, there are two people sitting in the waiting room and yet it still takes you 4-6 hours to even be seen!  Are there even doctors in there?  They say that there are more important trauma patients in there but when you get in (finally) to be seen, you barely see anyone in there.  What are doctors doing in there?  The front desk staff is just hanging around and it doesn’t seem like anything is being done to see me.  Feels like they are just waiting around for the next ambulance to come around the corner.

How would I fix it?  I would do the triage and have the doctors see the patients in the waiting room and then when the trauma patients come in, they can go see those patients.  A resident can finish the rest of the first patient’s exam or issue.  It just does not seem like an effective system.

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