As I see it…

Would I read minds for a week? Yes. Who’s?  My co-workers and my family mainly because I am terribly self conscious and I would want to know what people REALLY think of me.

Comments on: "If you could read minds for a week, would you? Who’s and what would you want to know?" (6)

  1. What would knowing their thoughts give you?

  2. I have spent a lot of time thinking about this…
    What would it give me? Maybe piece of mind knowing what people really think of me… but then again that piece of mind could bite me in the face when I hear what others think of me and it is not positive. BUT then again, I would then be able to fix the negatives…

  3. Ah, I see. 🙂 But then again, you could be who you are, know what you think of yourself, and hope that you, as well as the people who matter to you love you as you are, for who and how you are, and not worry what the others think, because at the end of the day, who matters..? Our minds are programmed to focus on that one niggling little thing that’s not perfect. What if someone doesn’t like you because you have a wonderful smile, or cuz you’re girlfriend is cuter than her husband or your cupcakes are better or your …grass is greener… just wonderin’ in a cheeky sort of way.

    • My worst trait is thinking about, wondering what, worrying about, stewing over, losing sleep over what others think of me.
      I will change what I do or say based on what I THINK someone thinks of it.
      If someone doesn’t like me because of ONE of the things that you mentioned above, I know I would be looking at everything else that I believe is worse than that one thing…

  4. Hmmmm. we might run the risk of discussing this forever. It might be true that “to know one, we need two”. But if we live in a culture that is entirely, wholly judgmental and incredibly wrong about most judgments, (since most people do not take time to get to know people they make judgments about…) I wonder if worrying about what other people think isn’t a loss of valuable emotional energy that dampens a person’s spirit, that could be put to use oh I dunno, colouring, building lego cities, playing with puppets…. jumping in puddles, painting rainbows… singing in the rain, making cupcakes… wearing red and purple together. 🙂

    • You are definitely correct, it DOES drain valuable energy…. I am hoping to save some of that energy in the future…
      BTW, you must be very partial to cupcakes as you blog about them often!

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