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How long do you think you could go without a shower?

Did you know: The modern domestic shower was invented in the early 1800s( via wikipedia). For hundreds of years before that, in most of the world, people went their entire lives without ever taking a shower (and even today some of your coworkers probably still don’t shower enough).


Today, I am not really into writing on something of my own so I figured I would take the topic from email.

How long do you think you could go without a shower? I guess a couple days, but I would hope people would know when the best time to take a shower would be.  I guess some people don’t.  I have seen many a greasy hair that I wonder why they even left the house.  Sometimes I hold my arms down tight if I forget to put on deodorant!  I like to think that I am clean enough to go out. No one has told me differently. Yet…

I guess people in the past didn’t take showers, I’m sure they got clean in other ways like a basin of water or something.  Or maybe people in the 1700’s were stinking in all that fabric they needed to wear! What about those people who sweat excessively for no reason at all?  Do they need to take multiple showers in a day? Do they look more prune-y? I wonder if it is noticable? hmm

I wonder too if people who don’t shower that much have another reason why they don’t shower?  Do they have an extreme case of OCD that they can’t shower when their shower is very dirty but the OCD extends to cleaning as well and they take so long cleaning that they don’t have time to do it before they have to leave for work or something else so they go unshowered?  Who knows.

I can’t tell anyone how often to shower and I think it is a personal decision that should be more than once a week, IMHO. Have a great night, I’m off to take a shower. LOL!

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