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What is the LARGEST thing?

I am changing this topic up a bit… It was “What is the smallest thing”?  Well, I immediately thought about the largest thing in my life rather than the smallest.  Well, I did think about what the question actually meant… did they mean smallest thing like small item or small event, or small idea or small issue?  I’m sure it could have been any of them but the biggest thing that I am passionate about right now is EQUALITY.

It really is the same as LOVE .  There is not a lot of LOVE in the world and when people want to love, people are against it.  They don’t like how people love or who they want to love.  Some even want to have the right to vote on some people’s rights to pursue that happiness of love.  What if you needed to ask the world, not just the family of that one person, but the world for their approval?  Sounds kind of silly doesn’t it?

It IS a civil right to be able to love and marry the person you want. What if YOU had to fight for that?

Emotional movies

We watched a movie “Over the Hedge” with our nearly 5 year old daughter tonight and for not the first time, we found that she is a very emotional child.  She is very caring about animals and people.  Recently, I have noticed when animals are in trouble on the screen, she cries.  She cares so much.  Maybe when she grows up she will be a vet or someone who takes care of animals.  She frequently ran back to my chair to climb on my lap because she was afraid that something bad was going to happen.  She is a strong willed little girl and I am so proud of her and I am so glad that she feels comfortable showing her emotions to us.

I personally get so involved in shows and movies that when there is trauma or something disturbing happens to someone, I often get teary but it is usually of the non-cartoon shows/movies with real people.

We don’t stifle her emotions but we do tell her that (at least) in the movies everything will be alright in the end.


How long do you think you could go without a shower?

Did you know: The modern domestic shower was invented in the early 1800s( via wikipedia). For hundreds of years before that, in most of the world, people went their entire lives without ever taking a shower (and even today some of your coworkers probably still don’t shower enough).


Today, I am not really into writing on something of my own so I figured I would take the topic from email.

How long do you think you could go without a shower? I guess a couple days, but I would hope people would know when the best time to take a shower would be.  I guess some people don’t.  I have seen many a greasy hair that I wonder why they even left the house.  Sometimes I hold my arms down tight if I forget to put on deodorant!  I like to think that I am clean enough to go out. No one has told me differently. Yet…

I guess people in the past didn’t take showers, I’m sure they got clean in other ways like a basin of water or something.  Or maybe people in the 1700’s were stinking in all that fabric they needed to wear! What about those people who sweat excessively for no reason at all?  Do they need to take multiple showers in a day? Do they look more prune-y? I wonder if it is noticable? hmm

I wonder too if people who don’t shower that much have another reason why they don’t shower?  Do they have an extreme case of OCD that they can’t shower when their shower is very dirty but the OCD extends to cleaning as well and they take so long cleaning that they don’t have time to do it before they have to leave for work or something else so they go unshowered?  Who knows.

I can’t tell anyone how often to shower and I think it is a personal decision that should be more than once a week, IMHO. Have a great night, I’m off to take a shower. LOL!

Born this way

OMG! Two posts in one day! What is the world coming to? 

Well I  never added a link before but I love this cover of Lady Gaga’s song.

Give it a listen! Share it with your friends!

Hopefully pessimistic

Yes I know that is an oxymoron but that is sort of how I feel.  I am hoping that all that is going well with my life will continue BUT I have this underlying anxious fear that the “other shoe will drop” or it is a ploy of the universe to wave a carrot in front of me sort of saying “look at what you aren’t going to get”.  This is for everything, from my partner starting her job next week or time we have together. It could be that the committee I am involved in seems to be going well but then I’m afraid of the vote.  Would almost rather not vote than to have it go the wrong way.  I also have been doing well in choir, singing high notes and playing the bells with interesting rhythms and doing them correctly. I’m afraid that on the day we have to sing or play in front of the congregation that the high note is not right or I mess up the rhythm.  Things have been going wrong for so long that it is hard to think positively about things going right. Maybe this is just being realistic not pessimistic… I don’t like the feeling though…:(

I love “us”

It is so interesting how relationships work…

I went to Shaws tonight to get a loaf of italian bread and there was a section dedicated to Valentine’s day being that is the day it is…. that little corner was packed with men standing around trying to find the right perfect gift.  Interesting how they wait so  long! They probably are all coming home from work, realizing that they didn’t get anything for their girlfriend/wife and then they run to Shaws to get something.  Shaws? Really?  Of course there was everything one would need there, flowers, balloons, chocolate. It really was quite comical this scene of desperate men trying to get a gift that doesn’t look like it is last minute from Shaws.

I like the commercial that talks about Valentine’s day that says “Valentine’s day is not about saying ‘I love you’, it is about saying ‘I love us'”. It is a great way to think about the day. Not just about a person but how they fit in your”us”.

Tell the person you love how much you love your “us”, it doesn’t have to be expensive, and can even be from Shaws, just say it!

To be or not to be

To be or not to be…

Really the question is “To have another baby or not to have another baby”.  We have been grappling with this question for nearly 5 years now and it is almost too late for many reasons and any one of the reasons is not really a reason to not have another child but I think we made our decision…:(

  • We are not getting any younger and we nearly have a panic attack thinking about how old we will be when our current child will be graduating high school, nevermind a new child who is 5 yrs younger.
  • It is harder to have a child for us.  It is not as easy as with heterosexual relationships who can just have an “oops”, we have to plan and get a donor ready, pick up the stuff, get inseminated, etc and that is after charting my ovulation to make sure we are inseminating at the correct time.  We have had some issues with the donor previously but things have somewhat worked out, so that is also an issue to deal with.
  • Money. I could have totally written this entire post about money but it is a BIG issue, the main reason we are questioning moving forward.

a. there is daycare for the new child, we just went through all the stages of daycare with our daughter and the price has gone steadily down for each room she moves to but then we would have to start over with a price tag of $150 a WEEK, $600 a month!  So much we could do with that money

b. D just was offered a new position and the money she will be making is decent, and is more than what she was making at her last permanent job and we will finally be able to save money and fix things that need to fixed, like the second car. THAT is only if we don’t have the additional daycare.

c. Then there is the issue of the 5 yo’s afterschool expense while we are working.  Yes, there is a possibility of D being able to work different hours but we are unsure if that is for sure or how that will work, she hasn’t started the job yet.

d. Then thinking about all that we need to spend money on while both children are growing up, and college and with esp the daycare, vacations anywhere great are not an option, and way too expensive.

So what is the decision?  We don’t even know yet… we are waiting another month because it doesn’t look like I even ovulated this month.  

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