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Enough snow already

We are in the what? hundredth day of snow?  What is up with that?  We never had this much snow ever.  I can remember some winters like this in Maine when there was just snow storm after snow storm and what was good about it was we got numerous days off of school growing up in Maine.  I remember when I went to college in Massachusetts, I was excited to see the small amount of snow in Mass that I was determined to move to the area after college.  NOW, this is JUST like I remember in Maine.  The switch is not fair.  I wonder if this means we will have a real hot summer or a real cool summer.  I will not complain about the heat in summer, I will not complain about the heat in summer…. ad nauseam.  I actually can’t say it is all that cold, it has to warm up some to even snow at all.  It was below zero several days ago and there was no precipitation then.  What is going on God?  I’m not liking this.

***I know I already wrote about snow but we seriously have been getting way too much of it!  Sorry for the repitition…I didn’t want to really write today because I have been so aggravated by said snow… will have to shovel out yet again…

Comments on: "Enough snow already" (7)

  1. I love shoveling and then having hot chocolate to thaw my hands. 🙂

    PS. Is the “a” in the picture backwards?

    • Dillon,
      Shoveling is not bad but it is getting to be way too much!
      You are right, looks like the ‘a’ is backwards! LOL I actually took the picture from Google images and I guess I didn’t pay attention to it! Thanks for noticing!

  2. Sending some Florida sunshine your way! 🙂

  3. We don’t get snow days in AZ – and when it is 120 degrees we don’t get heat days – but I love looking at the pics of the snow – I just don’t wanna be in it!

  4. We see the world as we are, embrace the snow as it isn’t going away for a few weeks. You may find the time going by faster and soon enough will be looking to turn on the AC!

    It’s -20c here today and we have almost 2 feet of snow on the ground 🙂

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