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It Gets Better…

  Have you heard of this? Run by the Trevor Project, it is a group that helps young people who are feeling like they are all alone, like they are the only person who is different, it seems like everyone is against them, hates them, only likes people who are just like them.  The bullies yell in their face, stalk them, make them feel unsafe and unworthy of being alive, all because they love someone of the same gender. 

What is that? What right do these bigoted bullies have to tell young people who are not “normal” ,according to some, that they don’t deserve the absolute best in life.  Everyone deserves to be able to love the person they want no matter their gender.  The time around these bullies, will not last.  It will get better… There are so many people out there who support you in this life, you don’t have to take what these kids say to heart.  The option that some think they have is taking their own life is more permanent than the bulling.  Report it, talk about it, scream, make a scene, don’t let them get away with it.  Tell your parents, friends, neighbors, teachers, a coach, pastor, someone who is willing to get involved and stop the madness! Your life will get better!

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  1. Sadly it isn’t just peers who bully them. It can be even worse coming from family. I have a gay friend who is HIV positive. When a child in my family found out she said, “that’s what he gets for being gay”. My jaw hit the floor! We have many gay friends and family, so for her to say something SO hateful just shocked me!

  2. yes very true. I was sort of bullied by my sister, she talked against me to someone on facebook and wouldn’t talk to me in person. She said she was against equality and went off about how she felt about it and my friend basically told her to cut it out. She then blocked me on fb. I don’t understand how she could be like that when I had supported her through all her issues and had high hopes for her. She burns every bridge along the way. I guess for now her boyfriend’s family is the next to get burned.

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