As I see it…


Interesting word.  It means so different as we grow up.  When you are little, you don’t even acknowledge other kids your age, then you play next to each other but not together, then you play together but it is like a love-hate relationship.  You want to play but you want the other child to be somewhat of a puppet and not play with anything you want to play with in the next minute or half hour. As we get older, friends help us make it through high school and the cruelty. 

 Then as we grow older still, we look to others who have gone through similar things to vent, cry, laugh and commiserate with.  No other relationship is more important, more worthwhile, more cleansing, more freeing than friendship.  I know what you are thinking, you might be thinking that your spouse or partner should be all those things… well isn’t that what your spouse or partner is? Your best friend?

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