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Snow, Snow, Snow… Oh My!

For those of you who are not around snow much…I’m jealous!  Not really and I will get to that at the end… Well anyway, we got a lot of it overnight and I think it is still snowing.  The snow is so heavy that the trees in our yard are drooping and one fell and broke our daughter’s slide.  It is so sad.  Good thing, her swings are the part of the swingset that is more important to her.  This is a picture of our yard with all the snow.  Rhode Island and Massachusetts stopped short of declaring a state of emergency.  Pretty much every school and business closed, stranded motorists, accidents, problems with getting out of driveways, and yet people were expected to go to work.  Interesting…

We have gotten 12″ and it is still snowing now.  It was supposed to stop by 2pm.  It is 3:30 now.  We went down the street dragging Alex in a sled, she wanted to stay out all day but my fingers were frozen in my gloves that were supposed to work to temps way below zero (maybe I should take them back), so I went inside to make warm lunch and hot cocoa and coffee.  Much better inside than outside…

Ok, I guess this can be in response to the post idea of “How do you keep yourself entertained in snow?”  We shovel, spend time together, do crafts, take naps, knitting. We have to watch Ellen though, for certain! I am so glad that we were not without power all day though, that would have been a very bad thing… lots of things we could not have done today, especially with a nearly 5 yo child.  When we woke up the power was out and we snuggled for a little while and that lasted only so long with Alex.  We got up and ate cereal for breakfast and went into the fridge VERY quickly to get the milk so that everything would not get warm or spoil. 

How do we deal with it? We just take it as it comes and I have to say it is the best of all the weather evils.  I would rather the snow and cold over tornados, hurricanes and earthquakes… THAT is why I stay here – and I have asked that question nearly every winter.

Comments on: "Snow, Snow, Snow… Oh My!" (6)

  1. But consider this, it’s -19 celcius here in Alberta (that’s -2 fahrenheit!). We deal with it by going to Mexico for a week! 🙂

  2. artemislexea said:

    I live in a town where it does not snow at all. And I complain and complain about how I wish it would. However, after reading your post I’m kind of glad that it doesn’t snow here. And hurray to meeting another Ellen fan!! =)

    • Where do you live? Snow is not all it is cracked up to be. I said just today that I liked snow a whole lot more when I was a kid…
      Oh yes and Ellen Rocks! The one show I love to watch when I am home during the day. All other shows are not worth turning the TV on…

  3. artemislexea said:

    I live in Houston. It’s always heat and humidity here. Never any snow! I love that I’m home during the day because I can always watch Ellen. She’s so funny!

  4. We get tons of snow. We are an hour from the Rockies. We’re very much like Denver.

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