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Mental Illness

Don’t click off the blog  just because of the title, I know it is not a popular topic that anyone wants to read about but I’m sure many people know someone one who has a mental illness of some kind as the statistics are 1:4! Yeah, yeah, it is a hard topic to deal with or think about but it is reality.  I have a friend who recently went into a mental hospital and I went to visit her but it was a strange feeling being in there.  Maybe it was because they are people just like anyone else I know who just happen to have a problem that they need to be in the hospital for.  I guess it could be the same type of thing to go visit a friend or family member in a hospital for a physical injury, right?  Yeah there are some definite differences.

I felt I needed to write about this tonight since it has been what is on my mind lately.  In some ways, I can’t understand the thought process but in other ways, I can.  Times are rough and things happen that are very stressful and there needs to be a way out of the pressure and the pain and the hurt inside.  Makes me wonder if there is a different gene in people with mental illness than people who don’t?  Is it a disconnect between the emotional part of the brain and the reasoning part of the brain?  Do all the medications for depression really work?  When are you considered cured of a mental illness?  Are you EVER cured? I don’t know how long my friend has been depressed but I do know she has been in and out of the hospital more than once.  How do you get past that?  Is there ever something big enough, happy enough that can help someone get out of the feelings and thoughts that a traumatic event might have caused? OR is mental illness something that is already there and then an event just brings it out?

I have another friend who works at Peacelove studios, a company that is working to get rid of the stigma that mental illness has.  The person who started it has a mental illness and he decided that the best way to work though issues was to create art.  He then started PeaceLove studios.  I have gotten to know what they are all about and it is amazing how they are helping people all over the country starting in the small city of Pawtucket, RI.  My friend, Amy works long hours for her passion of art and teaching others to bring out their creative side, whether they have mental illness or they are an advocate of others who do.  If you are interested in learning more, click on the heart logo and it should (if I did it right) bring you to the website for PeaceLove and you can see the gallery of work that people have completed at the studio.  There is also a few videos that give you even better information.  Ok, I know I am sounding like a commercial, but this has been on my mind lately and just wanted to pass on some interesting information. 

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  1. artemislexea said:

    I wonder why mental illness is not a popular topic.. Is it because people are uncomfortable talking about it, perhaps? I checked out the PeaceLove website. It’s wonderful. Great post! =)

  2. I think mental illness is not a popular topic because of the stigma still attached to it – some mental illness can and are diagnosed by a doctor – but others can’t be and I think that is hard for people to accept.

    Being someone who suffers from mild depression and anxiety – having someone tell you to stop being said or to calm down – just doesn’t work or help the situtation.

    Thanks for this post – I’m going to link back to you in the near future.

  3. […] at Laurie’s Rambling she writes about mental illness – which is still such a taboo topic – even in today’s society.  I don’t know why, but there […]

  4. Fantastic post! Unfortunately there has always been stigma attached to mental illness. People have been stoned & blamed for possession due to their illness. Different illnesses have different pathways for coming to light. Some are medically induced where something happens in the brain. Others come about due to the way they were raised (didn’t connect with a loving & caring environment in the first year or two, or maybe they created different personalities to protect themselves from abuse). Thanks to dePressed for linking me to this post!

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