As I see it…

I know this is not today’s actual blog topic but I stole it from 1/4/11… ha!

I would rather text all day long rather than talk. 

Phone calls:

  • You have to know exactly what you are saying for a longer period of time when you are talking on the phone.
  • you can’t make a personal phone call and talk while you are at work, in a meeting, on the bus, in a noisey bar, in front of your boss
  • Pauses are awkward.
  • you will undoubtedly forget something you wanted to say on the call and have to call again
  • being on the phone for a long time gives your arm a cramp
  • You are never quite sure how to end the conversation. “Ok talk to you later, have a nice day, bye”
  • It is embarrassing for your phone to ring while you are in public
  • It doesn’t matter how long you wait between


  • You can write one sentence and say nothing else
  • it is the opposite of everything above 🙂
  • One con of texting is that you can’t see or understand what the emotions of the person are writing the text.

Where is  my phone, I just got a text.

Comments on: "Do you prefer to talk or text?" (3)

  1. I completely agree. Texting lets you think about what you’re saying without creating awkward pauses. Plus it lets people easily carry on a conversation, even if one person needs to go do something or whatever. S/he can just come back and send another text when s/he’s done.

    Plus I always misunderstand people on the phone, the volume is always too high or too low, and the people around me make fun of my “phone voice.”

    Texting is definitely better in my book. 🙂

  2. My daughter is the same way – I can literally get a text from her – call her phone and she won’t answer – then I get a text asking what I want – so I call her back – and then I get another text asking what I want – I WANT YOU TO ANSWER THE PHONE! Drives me batty when a 5 minute conversation turns into a twenty minute exercise for my thumbs!

    Good Post.

    • Yeah, I can see how that would be aggravating. It is now illegal in RI and MA (don’t know where you live) to text while driving as it should be, the videos I have seen are so traumatizing… anyway, if someone texts me while I am driving, I call them back to discuss what they are texting about… otherwise, texting is my MO for communication when ever possible…:)

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