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Do you prefer to talk or text?

I know this is not today’s actual blog topic but I stole it from 1/4/11… ha!

I would rather text all day long rather than talk. 

Phone calls:

  • You have to know exactly what you are saying for a longer period of time when you are talking on the phone.
  • you can’t make a personal phone call and talk while you are at work, in a meeting, on the bus, in a noisey bar, in front of your boss
  • Pauses are awkward.
  • you will undoubtedly forget something you wanted to say on the call and have to call again
  • being on the phone for a long time gives your arm a cramp
  • You are never quite sure how to end the conversation. “Ok talk to you later, have a nice day, bye”
  • It is embarrassing for your phone to ring while you are in public
  • It doesn’t matter how long you wait between


  • You can write one sentence and say nothing else
  • it is the opposite of everything above 🙂
  • One con of texting is that you can’t see or understand what the emotions of the person are writing the text.

Where is  my phone, I just got a text.

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