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Are you stressed out?

If you were to ask my friends and family… they would say no. 

I guess that means they don’t know how extremely stressed out inside I am.  Reason #1: I am stressed over money and being able to pay the bills.  I am the only one with a good paying job.  Dee has been out of work for nearly two years and that will continue for at least a few more months which brings me to reason #2 why I am stressed out: Dee’s nurse practitioner just found a mass on her ovary and tomorrow we are going to go see the doctor so we can talk about surgery.  #3 reason why I am stressed out is that I have my real estate license and I am paying $100 a month for office space I don’t use and I don’t have any clients to make money on real estate.  I have spent more money than I have made on it.  I have not real prospects at this time because I have not been trying much due to other things that have gone on in my family’s life.  #4 reason why I am stressed out is my work at the hospital is stressful mainly due to the fact that I have to listen to other people complaining all day long and that makes me stressed out.  Nothing can help the complaints go away and I just heard that I will be getting more work once.  #5 reason why I am stressed out is my department has been going through an accredidation process for the last few months and we have been working on this application which is still happening because we have to update it from the edits we received.  #6 reason I am stressed out is that I just found out that when we are accredided I will be getting a significant amount of additional work in order to keep up with the fellowship… What makes things even worse is I think Alex my 4 1/2 year old daughter notices that we are stressed which she seems to want even more from us when we are stressed out… phew… just talking about my stressors stresses me out. 

What is interesting is that my list might now stress other people out at all and other people’s stressors might look like a piece of cake to me….  What are your stressors?

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