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I’ve had enough change already, thank you!

Is it really possible to be full of joy no matter the situation?

Can you “look at the bright side” when you lose your job or someone in your life dies? If you lose your job, what can you do that you were unable to do when you were working?  Take up a hobby or go to the gym regularly?  When you lose someone in your life, the “bright side” would be to know that the person has gone to a better place.  

2010 has been quite the year, not in a good way.  Finances have been very rough for all and very much so for me and my family. If a wish would actually be able to come true, I would wish to win the lottery so that my family would be able to live comfortably and I would give to charities that made a difference.  I would also wish for change to take a break from our family for a while.  This year, Dee has had problems with employment.  She has worked some temp jobs that have loved her work and yet she doesn’t get a job. 

Cell phones get old only a year and then they die or break or they just don’t work any longer. Then in order to get a new one you need to spend hundreds of dollars AND sign a brand new 2 year contract.  Now I hear that phone companies check your credit to buy a new phone or to change carriers.  So how do you deal with that? Go back to land lines?  They don’t even give you anything for free any more or cheap enough to afford.

There have been times this year, we can’t even go to the store to buy food, was late on the rent, almost got our cable shut off, couldn’t buy oil, was just about to have no presents under the tree for Christmas and we used the credit card too much for our daughter and family.  In the midst of it we were able to use our time for others and delivered turkey dinners to people who are even worse off.  We also went to help some friends dig out of the snow storm trying to make some joy in our ordinary and sometimes poor lives.  Sometimes, it doesn’t stop the unhappiness and the inability to feel any joy in our lives.

I would like to tell the universe, “I’ve had enough change already, Thank you!”

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