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Who deserves more credit?

Dianne Pickett deserves more credit than she gets, she thinks about other people every day by sending a message or inviting people over or going to help someone in the middle of a snow storm. She wants to work and does her best when she is working whether in a temp job or volunteering.  She should be scooped up for the best job out there.  Instead she has been passed over and pushed aside and yet she keeps her head up and keeps trying.  Yes, she has her moments of depression but she keeps trying and is willing to learn anything for any position.  I think this is the least fair thing for anyone.  Where can anyone get the more credit they deserve?


Comments on: "Who deserves more credit?" (3)

  1. What a wonderful tribute to give someone !!! As someone who has depression myself, but always “puts on a mask” to hide what i go through so no one sees it, i am sure that even though it may be hard at times for her and those around her that it means a lot knowing that you are there beside her too. Trust me for me the hardest thing for me is always the feeling knowing that i am going through this alone because no one i know usually will ask me how i am doing first, usually i am the first to ask because they always think i am fine.

  2. James, so so true. I think everyone puts on a mask to try to get through and make it like they are ok…

  3. If I could, I would hire Dee to work with me in a second! She is a pretty amazing woman and I’m thankful to have her in my life (and being the recipient of the amazing shovelling goddess!)

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