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Time for a change?

I have recently been thinking about making a change.  Not a small change but a very large change.  We have only a year to decide if this change is for us.  Alex is going to be 5 next May and we want to be somewhere settled when she goes to school so she doesn’t lose out on friends and moving is so hard when you are going to school.  I think it is a little easier if you move while you are still young.  She is 4 now.  My first memories are when my parents had moved to an apartment in Portland, ME and I was riding my bigwheel down the driveway and I remember going to kindergarten in Yarmouth when they bought the house. 

There is the problem of finding new jobs and a place to live when moving.  If we are to move it would be somewhere in Maine.  Maybe.  That is our option we have been throwing around.  It makes sense because the grandparents are up there and cousins.  It is hard but we keep thinking about it.  Dee has been having a hard time getting a permanant job so the thought is “why stay” when she can’t get a good job here.  Then there lies another problem.  I have a pretty good job that I have been at for 7 years now and I am a Real Estate agent so those things would need to change too. 

When I moved out of Maine when I was 19, after I graduated from Dean, I left Dad’s condo to go to work.  I had graduated only from 2 years of college and didn’t go on.  I started working and that grew from a little job to now being in a larger position as a Program Coordinator.  (Not that my position is officially called that, do to this place’s politics, etc) I do more than the Secretary title states, that’s for sure.

So do I move from here to a job that has an actual higher position in a place where i will probably get paid less for doing more or the same amount? (since Maine’s standard of living is lower than here) Or do I stay here? where there is no family for Alex to be around and make a little more while living in an apartment that needs major updating in a position that is going nowhere, no matter the extra duties that get piled onto my desk?

How do I know if now is the time for a change or not?  What do I do?


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  1. Well this is a major decision that is up to you and a lot of prayer. Not only that i think you need to think about also explore a bit more by possibly looking at Maybe visit and see what maybe Maine has to offer. Perhaps take a road trip and see what it has to offer. Try and check out the schools, the living situations, neighborhoods, neighbors, and etc. You know as they say things aren’t the same as they say when we all were kids. Not only that, but when we were kids we saw things differently than how we see things now. i hope this helps.

  2. Glad you haven’t moved…hope that thought isn’t still bouncing around too often these days! We’d miss you too damn much!

    • There are too many cons to moving, including the friends here, you guys especially. There are several people at Second Church that have become great friends to us. The only real thing that is in Maine for us is that Alex misses her grandparents a great deal. The biggest con of moving is how much work it would be to move. Finding new jobs, place to live, friends would be hard to keep up from Maine too. 🙂 We are not planning on leaving. Roots are definintely starting to grow here and to rip them out would be quite traumatic.

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