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OMG!  It feels like just yesterday that I was in the hospital and the doctor was telling me I was in “false labor” and I yelled at her telling her if this is false labor, why does it hurt so much???  I spent 13 hrs in labor that weekend and it sure seemed like she didn’t want to come out.

Now in 2 days, May 1, 2010, Alexandra Elaine Sawyer will be turning 4 yrs old.  I can’t believe how fast she has grown.  She can mostly get herself dressed now, she can color and paint inside the lines AND she can write her own name!! I am going to try to upload a picture of my “brag sheet” that I keep at work for all to see.  Today April 29 was actually her due date.  She was two days late.  I went to the OB appt the day before she was due and she did what is called “stripping the membranes” to get things started, I guess.  I immediately started having mini contractions.  I didn’t go to work that day.  That night, I had bigger contractions and I went to the hospital and spent the night there walking around having contractions that were quite a bit apart.  That is when I was told I was in “false labor” but that I needed to get some sleep.  That same doctor told me she wanted me to stay in the hospital to sleep but I told her that if she was going to send me away, I was going home to sleep in my own bed. So, that I did.  That doctor told me not to come back until the contractions were 3 minutes apart.  So when I woke up from my short sleep, I had contractions from about midnight on every 6 minutes.  I would have a very short cat nap in between and then at 5am I had one contraction that was exactly 3 min from the last one.

Now Dee who had been sleeping that entire night while I was having contractions every 6 minutes was immediately woken up to bring me to the hospital immediately! 

I got there and before I could come out of the bathroom after putting on the johnny, my water broke and from there everything seemed to go smoothly.  The doctor said that she had to do a C-section and that she would be right back.  The nurses and fill in doctor had to call her to come back because I was progressing too fast.  They told me not to push…  and then:

Alexandra Elaine Sawyer was born on May 1,2006 at 3:12pm.


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  1. Oh my Welcome to the World Alexandra !!!! With a name like that you’ll be commanding respect just by sheer walking in a room. What was it like after she was born ? How did both families react ??? How has it been with her adjusting with going to school and stuff ?? How has it been with motherhood for the both of you ??? Any tips you can pass on to other same sex couples considering having children ??

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