As I see it…

Computers SUCK!

Wednesday was the start of a pain in the ass issue with Mcafee security systems. The computers just kept restarting and saying there was a virus in the system. This continued from mid morning throughout the day. I work at a hospital and most of the departments just spent some time filing and socializing and throwing away things and trying to find busy work to do. It really is amazing what you CAN’T get done when you don’t have a computer to work on! Thursday came, and the computers were still down. A few of them were able to get the security patch and some of us were able to get some work done. I had to go from computer to computer to even check my email. Then some people THOUGHT theirs was done and they worked on some things but then it didn’t work and I had to ask for it to be updated. The Technical age is great when it works but then when it doesn’t computers SUCK!


Comments on: "Computers SUCK!" (2)

  1. The only thing i have to say to you here is that you are sooooo right on here !!! If you were to look at my High School Yearbook under my Pet Peeve it says: Computers: Why Cause they hate me !!!

  2. the know….ironicallly (or mabe not…?) i posted about the same thing today on my blog…it’s so frustrating! my blog is

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