As I see it…

Hello world!

Hmmm, so this is a blog.  Heard all about them, thought about them, looked them up more than once and even signed up for one other one a while back and then nothing happened with it.  So then, what do I do from here?  Duh, write, right?

Ok so, write. 

I am an Administrative assistant full time and a Real Estate agent part time.  I just closed my first home sale as a listing agent and I am wondering where the next one will come from. 

I also have a family… definitely different than other families, have a spouse who is a female and a child who is almost 4 and acts like she is going on 14.  She is so big I sometimes miss her when she was a baby and I think about having another.

I am for full LGBT equality in marriage and everything else.  Everyone should have all the same rights for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, right?

So, it is getting late and I need to get to bed, have to go to my full time job tomorrow…


Comments on: "Hello world!" (2)

  1. So you have a daughter who is 4 going on 14 hmm that must be something …. sounds very interesting. Without reading ahead just yet i was wondering if you could tell us what you mean by that ?? Not only that could you tell us what it was like for you and your partner to come to the decision to become parents ?? What was the process like ?? Who was the actual carrier ?? Will you decide to let the same one be the same carrier the next time ?? How will you tell your daughter about how she came into your lives ??? Oh please don’t leave me hanging here my questions are endless…….
    Keep up the great work your on a great start so far.

    • Alex is so independent she wants things her own way. I’m actually afraid of her being a bad rebellious child when she is a teenager but we have made an agreement we will communicate with her and hopefully keep that from happening, we will see when that time gets here, I guess.
      Dee and I have always wanted to have a child, motherly instinct or whatever but we just decided we were going to do what ever we could to have one. I was the actual carrier, we got a donor and I had Alex myself. I would never, i don’t think, be able to have a child only by surrogate. I would never be able to give up a child either. How will we tell her how she came into our lives? Well, we will tell her the truth when she is old enough to understand. Right now, Dee and I are her parents and we love her more than anything…

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